Alcohol and Drug Misuse at Work

As employers we should be tolerant and understanding of the different types of individuals that make up our workforce, diversity leads to strong teams with a variety of views and beliefs.

However within the workplace we have a duty of care to all our staff.  Heath and Safety legislation provides useful guidance and a framework to mitigate risks.  On occasions situations arise which suggest that a member of staff has a problem, maybe a dependence on alcohol or illegal drugs.

Staff travelling to and from work and whilst on company premises who are adversely affected in this way present a challenge for their colleagues and employers.  They may also be a danger to themselves.

If you have a suspicion or are told directly that an individual employee is affected whilst working you have a duty to act.  At Swiss-Tec Investigations we have the skills and experience to help you plan for and also deal with such situations.

We have helped write and implement internal procedures to effectively and proportionately manage alcohol and drug misuse in the workplace, having due concern for Human Rights legislation.  We can also provide access to dogs and handlers specially trained to search for and find illegal drugs.

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