Babysitting Nanny and Carer Checks

Our children and our parents are the most important things in our lives, we do all we can to protect them and provide them with a safe, happy and loving environment in which to grow up or grow old.

However we cannot be with them every hour of every day and whilst we entrust their safety with people we think are suitable and caring you may still have some doubt.

At Swiss-Tec Investigations we can confirm you have made the right decision or provide you with the evidence to the contrary thus removing your loved one from an unnecessary risk.

Our expertise enables us to install covert cameras and or audio recording equipment which will be irrefutable. We also offer a full range of Surveillance Services if that is what you require.

Our professional background will ensure that any evidence obtained will be done so to the highest evidential standards.  It will be able to be used by the police if you feel that is the most appropriate course of action or can simply enable you to make sound decisions on those you trust with the ones you care for most.

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