Prevent Crime And Avoid Becoming A Victim

Police in the West Midlands are attempting to predict where burglars will strike and are offering advice to prevent future offences.

If you or someone who lives nearby have suffered a burglary the police state that it is likely that further offences will occur in that vicinity.

Swiss-Tec Investigations can provide experienced investigators who can give advice tailored to your needs.  We will provide a home visit and survey your property.  We can supply and fit the latest locks, alarms and other crime prevention technology.

Don’t wait to become a victim let us help you reduce the risk identified by the police.

To read the BBC report click here

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Former Head of Internal Security & Fraud Department Charged

 Who is responsible in your organisation for ensuring matters of security and fraud are fully investigated?

What procedures do you have in place to check that those very people are protecting company assets and the reputation of your business?

Jessica Harper former Head of Fraud and Security for Lloyds TSB has been charged with an alleged £2.5 million fraud. The investigation focused on incidents between September 2008 and December 2011.

If you want to read more about the story on the BBC site Click here

Who is quality assuring your investigators?

Swiss-Tec Investigations has a wealth of skills, professionalism and experience – check out our ‘about us page’.

We can provide you with the reassurance you need – contact us directly and let us complete an independent review of your security / fraud department.

Cyber-bullying, On Line Harassment

In what is believed to be one of the first cases of its kind a member of the public from Brighton has taken legal action against Facebook.  The proceedings which received High Court backing on 30 May 2012 have been taken in order to reveal the identities of those responsible for a campaign of ‘on-line’ harassment.

The Guardian on line (8 June 2012) reported this particular case of cyberbullies;  to read the article please click here.

Swiss-Tec Investigations are keen to support victims of crime and offer a range of services designed to meet individual needs, please visit our stalking and harassment page to obtain more details.

We recommend that if you receive threatening or abusive messages you should:-

  • Keep messages –  do not delete texts, emails etc
  • Maintain a written chronology of events together with details of the impact they are having on you and others
  • If the harassment continues or if you feel that you are in immediate threat, report the matter to your local police
  • Tell someone who you can trust –  do not suffer in silence

Private Investigators – Sensitive Data

A Channel 4 Dispatches programme aired on Monday 15th May 2012, showed material from a yearlong undercover investigation into two Private Investigations Companies.  The programme provided details of an undercover reporter paying individuals for personal data, such as, bank statements, medical records, national insurance numbers and information from Government Agency databases, and of criminal convictions, as well as itemised billings of mobile phones.

Click here for a link to the programme ‘Watching the Detectives’

A summary of the programme was reported in the Guardian on line on the 12 May 2012 click here to read that report.

The Leveson Inquiry, into ‘phone hacking’ and the conduct of those concerned has taken evidence from the President of the Association of British Investigators (ABI) Tony Imossi; this Association is endorsed by The Law Society.  The Parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee has also taken evidence in order for the government to make future decisions in respect of the possible licensing of investigations.

If you are thinking of hiring a Private Investigator you should do all you can to check out the Company.  Swiss-Tec Investigations recommend that you research the following:-

  • What experience and professionalism do the Investigators have?  Is this information easy to find on their ‘about us’ page?
  • Is the Company Registered and are the directors’ members of reputable Professional bodies?
  • Is the Company Registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and do they state they will comply with data protection legislation?
  • Does the Company have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

Swiss-Tec Investigations do all of these things, in order to provide you with a professional, reliable and discreet service and for your peace of mind.