Company Fraud – Internal Theft

Whilst the police are the body we turn to when we fear we have been the victims of crime, in certain circumstances you may prefer to conduct an investigation without involving the police at the initial stages.

Your decision may be based on personal and or professional relationships; the protection of your company assets or brand, or you may feel that you need more information before informing the police.  If you contact Swiss-Tec Investigations you will have the peace of mind that any suspected crime will be investigated by trained and experienced ex-police officers.

We will act at your direction in a discreet and professional manner; we can draw on experts in computer and mobile phone use as well as those who have investigated complex frauds to minor thefts.

We work to the highest evidential standards and will ensure the integrity and continuity of material gathered.  This will enable you, if you so wish, in the future to hand to the police a file of evidence on which they can base their investigation and any subsequent prosecution.  Share your concerns confidentially with us at Swiss-Tec Investigations, our years of experience and considerable skills may provide you with a solution you have not considered.

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