Court Room Skills

Do you have to give evidence at Court in a criminal case, a divorce, or a potentially expensive employment tribunal?   The witness box can be a very lonely place.   Witnesses often feel they are on trial rather than giving their evidence – a poor performance can undermine your confidence and credibility.

Training in this area can greatly enhance your self-assurance; create an inner calmness that will allow you to be a credible witness.

We will guide you through the key points and minimise your apprehension.

  • Preparing for court and appearance at court
  • Roles of the various people in court
  • Who to speak to and how to address them
  • Your role as an independent witness
  • Methods lawyers use in cross-examination and how to respond
  • Taking the oath or affirmation with confidence
  • Skills of presenting effective evidence
  • Giving confident, clear testimony under difficult cross- examination.

At Swiss-Tec Investigations we offer a unique training package. We have with the help of the local judiciary procured the use of real courtrooms. We have the benefit of lawyers and barristers who have prosecuted and defended cases at all levels. You will have the experience of giving evidence and being cross examined in a real courtroom.

The experience can be videoed for you to evaluate your own performance. This training has been described by police officers and volunteer court officials as being extremely realistic and as near as possible to the real thing.

This training package has been delivered to police officers up to the rank of Superintendent, medical professionals and business leaders.

Alternatively, we can deliver a similar package to you at your own business premises using the same professional lawyers.

We can also support individuals through the whole court process on a one-to-one basis, providing the training and supporting you in the weeks before and on the day of the hearing.

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