Employee Misconduct & Absenteeism

In business our employees are our most valuable asset they represent the company to our clients and the wider public, they hold sensitive information that is of value to others and they are trusted by us.

If however, you have doubts about the integrity of an individual or group of people within your company we at Swiss-Tec Investigations are in a position to allay your fears, or present you with the evidence to enable you to take decisive action.  We are experienced not only in investigation but also the investigation of staff misconduct and grievances.

Whilst the vast majority of our staff who are absent from work with an illness have a genuine reason, there is always an exception.  Often the wider work force is aware that an individual’s illness is not as bad as they are making out.  This can have a detrimental impact on the morale of others and also the reputation of the company.

The added costs associated with absenteeism especially now in these challenging financial times, needs fair but robust management.

We can provide you with a variety of investigative options including surveillance services using the latest equipment.  Once you have the evidence which will be obtained to the highest standards, your company can make informed decisions.

Share your concerns confidentially with us at Swiss-Tec Investigations, our years of experience and considerable skills may provide you with a solution you have not considered.

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