Protecting Your Children

Many parents and carers today grew up and were educated before the latest boom in technology and developments in social networking.

It may not affect our children’s safety if we cannot complete an excel spread sheet or prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  But a lack of knowledge about the latest mobile phones, the internet, Facebook and twitter can leave us feeling vulnerable and unable to advise or protect those we love.

Whilst we want our children to develop and grow up with independence, we would not leave them alone with someone we did not trust or let them communicate with a stranger in secret.

Swiss-Tec Investigations has developed an affordable training package tailored to meet your personal Information Technology skills.  It will provide you with the basic information to understand what modern mobile phones can do, how easy it is to examine and understand a computer together with highlighting the implications of Facebook and twitter.

We can even visit a group of your friends to deliver training in a less formal, safe learning environment.

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