Stalking and Harassment

This type of crime has in the recent past led to some high profile cases where victims have eventually been murdered by their stalker.

Thankfully these events are rare; nonetheless individuals or families that suffer at the hands of these criminals have their lives consumed by concern and fear.  These cases should be reported to the police,  however Swiss-Tec Investigations can help you and the police by gathering evidence to support a prosecution.

Harassment or bullying can take the form of direct or indirect personal contact. It can also be done over the internet or through on line social media such as facebook or twitter. Do not suffer in silence let Swiss-Tec Investigations help you.

If you do not believe you have enough evidence to go to the police we can also work for you in obtaining photographs, video and or audio recordings before doing so.  Our third party independent corroboration can be used by you to provide the police with a package of evidence on which they can act.

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Our findings will be obtained and prepared to the highest evidential standards which can be used at any future court proceedings.  If required, we will give evidence at court in support of your case.